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Solar village Electrification

A nation's efforts to reduce poverty and promote rural development must include rural electrification. Electricity has not significantly aided a village's socioeconomic development in India. GDP is growing by 8%, although the agriculture sector's contribution to GDP is 1.9%. India's government has set a lofty goal to electrify all villages and all rural houses. With the Rural Electric Corporation, Rural Electricity Supply Technology Mission, State Electricity Boards, and Reforms in the Power Sector, steps have already been taken.


Township Lighting Projects

Traditional solar lights and integrated solar street lights both operate essentially in the same ways. The integrated solar street light's integration with the lamp holder, battery panel, lithium battery, and controller system is the only distinction. It gets its energy from the sun. The lithium battery is recharged by the solar panel during the day, and it powers the light source at night. The integrated solar street light allows for flexible bulb placement and eliminates the need for difficult and expensive pipeline laying. it produces no pollution, and requires no maintenance.


Highway Lighting Projects

For illuminating streets, roads, highways, and paths, some projects use several styles of fixtures. Our systems don't need to be connected to the electric grid and are designed for at least five days of autonomy; however, grid backup solutions are also available. Our tried-and-true solar street light systems offer tough commercial-grade construction along with unmatched quality, performance, reliability, and the value of a 25+ year system life expectancy, as demonstrated in thousands of active projects around the world.


Absolute Gramya Pvt. Ltd

We (Absolute Gramya Pvt. Ltd) are the company Formed with the vision of “Building Lives”, GRAMYA upholds the belief that it is necessary to complement and supplement the efforts of the state if we are to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of the people. It is to further this vision, that we at GRAMYA have forged strategic partnerships for implementing social and environment friendly projects

Encouraging Civic Societies to opt Green energy based solutions enabling them to adapt a holistic & sustainable lifestyle. Since last one decade, the company is working on various projects.

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Our Work process


1 Site Analysis

A detailed Site analysis makes Our work simpler and the execution smooth project Engineer First visit to analyse the site, He/ She will Have to exemine.


2 System Design

Generally the layout is prepared for 50 wp and above. The design engineer design the physical layout and electrical SLD of the site...


3 Procurement

VENDOR MANAGEMENT PROCUREMENT PURCHASE Es important and essential without compromising on the quality Thereby.


4 Installation

once the site engineer receives the materials, the plant would be erected. Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems.


5 Inspection

Several elements of the complete solar panel, Power/voltage/current test & cable connectors are inspected during the Final QC inspection process


6 Permitting/Commissioning

Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems This process ensures that system is safe and performing as per specifications


7 Monitoring and Maintenance

The system should be registered on the web monitoring portal and should be monitored on a regular basis by the technical support Experts.

Why Choose Us?


Power Plant

In the world of competitive markets, renewable and sustainable facultative power supplies, Solar energy is free for the taking from the natural resources. Following are the key benefits of Solar Power: (i) Solar Saves Your Money : The cost of conventional electricity is rising day by day. After the initial cost of installing Solar infrastructure at your home or workplace, you have zero recurring costs on Solar power supply. (ii) Solar, A Good Investment : Installation of Solar is one of the most valuable investments you will make. Investing in Solar power plants attract a total of 80% tax savings.



Consumers frequently consider solar panels without considering if they also need a solar inverter. This part of your solar system is just as crucial as the panels. The panels' collected electricity is converted by the inverters. You may use it in this way to power your lights and appliances, and we offer the greatest inverters in a variety of price ranges as well as the best customer service. We also offer comprehensive solar panel solutions. Best solar inverters are your wisest energy decision. We might be considered India's premier seller of trustworthy solar products.


Manufacturing Structure

Absolute Solar has tapped into its core competencies in the design, production, supply, and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings to enter the Solar EPC industry. Strong structural designs are optimized and made more efficient by the company's design staff. When it comes to solar structures, Absolute Solar is the go-to option for many thanks to its manufacturing capacity of more than 120 MW/month and skilled installation staff. We are the best manufacturer and supplier of solar across in state level and expanding business at the India level. Our team is most experienced.


Trusted Suppliers

Absolute Solar is providing solar energy services from long time. Our brand is connected to innovation and technology, subject-matter expertise, high-calibre customer service, a global presence, and consumer trust, just like our reputation. Our dedication to perfection and our promise to provide the greatest performance—anywhere, anytime—are the foundations of our brand. This message is reinforced by every communication we produce with the Absolute Solar identity.


Installation Team

We are one of India's oldest and most rapidly expanding businesses in the solar energy sector. We create hybrid solar power plants, on-grid solar power plants, off-grid solar power plants, and solar power plants that can be installed on residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial rooftops. better than everyone else in the solar sector at understanding power. For more than three decades, consumers have trusted us. The extreme grid conditions in India are unusual, yet our devices have survived them.


Support Team

Absolute Solar's main focus is on customer satisfaction and continuously absolute solar is working in this direction only and provides complete solutions to the customers. Our support team is always available to give the answer to customers and the support team will give the final solution maximum in 24 hours. Provide solutions on call or physical visits etc. Absolute solar's mainly focuses to reduce the customer's issues and we have created an automated system to allot a customer representative to each customer.

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